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A notorious mob boss navigates the treacherous waters of organized crime, facing challenges from rival gangs, corrupt politicians, and betrayal from within his own inner circle.
A rookie detective partners with a seasoned cop to investigate a series of seemingly random murders, only to realize that the killer is targeting them specifically, leading to a thrilling game of wits and survival.
A disgraced former detective is given a second chance to redeem himself when a cold case from his past suddenly resurfaces, forcing him to confront the mistakes that cost him everything.
A renowned forensic scientist uses cutting-edge technology to solve seemingly unsolvable crimes but soon finds herself the target of a dangerous adversary who will stop at nothing to silence her.
A retired detective is lured back into the world of crime-solving when a series of seemingly unrelated murders all point to a sinister conspiracy.
A notorious serial killer resurfaces after years of silence, taunting the police with cryptic clues as they race against time to catch him before he strikes again.

A Notorious Adversary

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