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A tightly-knit community in a country town comes together to organize an annual Fourth of July celebration, but tensions arise when long-buried secrets are revealed that threaten to tear the town apart.
 A new family moves to a country town and opens a charming bed and breakfast, unknowingly stirring up gossip and intrigue among the locals who are wary of outsiders.
The town's beloved diner, a historic landmark, faces the threat of closure when a big corporation plans to build a fast-food chain in its place, prompting residents to launch a grassroots campaign to save the diner and preserve its legacy.
A young artist from the city escapes to a country town for a weekend retreat, only to find unexpected inspiration and a sense of belonging that she never knew she was missing.
The annual harvest festival in the country town takes a dark turn when a series of mysterious disappearances occur, leading a group of teenagers to uncover a sinister plot lurking beneath the town's idyllic facade.
A retired schoolteacher decides to reopen the town's abandoned library, sparking a renewed interest in literacy and learning among the residents as they come together to support the revitalization of the community space.
A local legend of a ghost haunting the old church in town resurfaces, causing a mix of fear and fascination among the townspeople, who must confront their beliefs and superstitions to unravel the truth behind the ghostly apparition.
The town's annual chili cook-off competition turns competitive when rival chefs clash over the coveted title of "Chili Champion," leading to a spicy showdown that brings out the best (and worst) in the townsfolk.
A series of strange occurrences, including crop circles and unexplained lights in the sky, grips the country town with fear and conspiracy theories, as residents grapple with the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors in their midst.
A group of retirees in the country town form a band and decide to compete in the state's annual folk music festival, rediscovering their passion for music and friendship as they embark on a musical journey that transcends age and expectation.


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