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 In the year 2,121, sea levels have risen dramatically, submerging 98% of the Earth. The remaining 2% consists of small islands scattered across the globe. These islands must band together to survive, sharing scarce resources and navigating treacherous waters.
A virus has wiped out 95% of humanity in the future. The only survivors are machines and a secret underground group of warriors who have rebelled against technology for centuries. As the last bastion of humanity, they fight to reclaim their world.
 In a future plagued by a mysterious virus, some humans mutate into ravenous troll-like creatures. The remaining survivors must learn to coexist with these beasts while struggling to survive in a hostile world.
 From birth to death, humans are perpetually connected to the internet. Suddenly, a technology outbreak wipes the internet clean, leaving humanity in darkness. How do they adapt when their digital lifeline is severed?


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