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A retired special forces operative is forced back into action when a terrorist group threatens to unleash a deadly biological weapon in a major city.
In a dystopian future where a corrupt government controls society, a group of rebels band together to overthrow the regime and restore freedom to the people.
 An ex-SWAT team leader must rescue his kidnapped daughter from a ruthless criminal organization, leading to a high-stakes showdown in a remote jungle compound.
 A rogue assassin with a mysterious past is hired to eliminate a powerful crime lord, only to discover a shocking conspiracy that changes everything he thought he knew.
A team of expert thieves plans the ultimate heist to steal a priceless artifact from a heavily guarded museum, facing off against security forces and rival criminals.
 A rookie cop is caught in the middle of a gang war between rival crime syndicates, forced to navigate a dangerous world of corruption, betrayal, and violence.
A team of elite mercenaries is hired to extract a high-profile target from a heavily fortified compound deep in enemy territory, facing overwhelming odds and betrayal from within.
A female vigilante takes justice into her own hands, targeting corrupt officials and criminals while evading capture by law enforcement and a shadowy government agency.

Special Forces

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