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A group of survivors must navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland overrun by mutated creatures, rival factions, and scarce resources as they struggle to build a new society from the ruins of the old world.
 A power struggle erupts within the group as they disagree on the best course of action for rebuilding society, leading to internal conflict and division.
A young orphan with a mysterious past joins the survivors, bringing both hope and suspicion as they unravel the secrets of her origins.
 The group discovers a hidden bunker filled with advanced technology, sparking debates on how to use these resources to their advantage without attracting unwanted attention.
One of the survivors is bitten by a mutated creature and begins showing signs of infection, forcing the group to make a difficult decision on whether to quarantine or eliminate the threat.
A rival faction of survivors emerges, challenging the group's claim to a valuable resource-rich territory and igniting a dangerous conflict that threatens to tear them apart.
 A charismatic leader from a neighboring settlement offers alliance to the group, but his true intentions remain unclear as they must navigate the delicate balance of trust and betrayal.
 A lone wanderer stumbles upon the group, claiming to have knowledge of a safe haven beyond the wasteland, but his cryptic warnings hint at a darker truth that could endanger them all.
 A series of mysterious disappearances rock the survivor community, causing paranoia and suspicion to run rampant as they race to uncover the truth before it's too late.
The group uncovers a hidden cache of precious resources that could secure their survival but must decide how to distribute them fairly among themselves and the surrounding settlements.
A devastating natural disaster strikes the wasteland, forcing the survivors to adapt to new challenges and threats while testing the limits of their resilience and determination to overcome adversity.

Survival Instinct

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