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A team of scientists stationed in an isolated research facility are plagued by a deadly virus that turns humans into monstrous creatures, leading to a desperate fight for survival against their former colleagues.
Betrayal: One of the scientists, driven mad by the effects of the virus, deliberately infects the rest of the team in a desperate attempt to save themselves, leading to a tense betrayal and showdown within the facility.
Race against time: As the virus spreads rapidly through the team, the scientists must work tirelessly to find a cure before they all succumb to its effects and become monstrous creatures themselves.
Moral dilemma: A group of scientists discover that the only way to potentially stop the virus is by sacrificing one of their own in a dangerous experiment, forcing them to grapple with the ethical implications of their actions as tensions rise.
 Isolation: The team's communication with the outside world is cut off, leaving them stranded in the facility with no way to call for help or escape, heightening their sense of isolation and desperation.
 Sabotage: It becomes apparent that someone within the team is deliberately sabotaging their efforts to find a cure, leading to suspicion and paranoia among the survivors as they try to uncover the traitor in their midst.
Past mistakes: The scientists uncover evidence that the virus was created by their own research and accidentally unleashed, forcing them to confront the consequences of their past mistakes as the infected close in.
Psychological horror: The team begins to experience vivid hallucinations and visions induced by the virus, blurring the line between reality and nightmare as they struggle to distinguish friend from foe.
 Sacrifice: Faced with dwindling supplies and increasing desperation, the team must make difficult decisions about who to sacrifice in order to ensure the survival of the group as a whole.
 Desperate measures: With the infected closing in and hope dwindling, the scientists resort to extreme measures to defend themselves, leading to shocking acts of violence and desperation.

Survival Mode

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