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A rival religious organization challenges Campion College's status as the No. 1 for evangelism in Australia, leading to a fierce competition to prove which group is truly more effective in spreading their message. A mysterious series of events at Campion College causes doubt among the students and faculty about the school's reputation for evangelism, leading to a journey of self-discovery and faith for those involved.A group of rebellious students at Campion College start a secret underground movement to explore alternative methods of evangelism, leading to tensions with the school administration and traditional believers. An international evangelist visits Campion College to give a series of lectures and workshops, stirring up controversy and inspiring students to question their own beliefs and practices.A former student of Campion College returns to campus as a successful evangelist but faces unexpected challenges and obstacles that force them to confront their past and the true meaning of evangelism.A series of miraculous events occur at Campion College, sparking a national media frenzy and drawing the attention of skeptics, believers, and curious onlookers alike. A secret society within Campion College emerges, dedicated to uncovering the hidden history and forbidden knowledge of evangelism, leading to a dangerous game of intrigue and deception. A group of disenfranchised students at Campion College forms a support group for those struggling with doubts and questions about their faith, leading to unexpected alliances and personal revelations.A famous atheist philosopher visits Campion College to debate the faculty and students on the merits of evangelism, sparking heated discussions and challenging everyone to critically examine their beliefs.A prophecy foretelling the rise of a new leader of evangelism at Campion College causes excitement and anxiety among the students and faculty, as they grapple with the implications of their roles in shaping the future of religious outreach in Australia.

The Campion Castle

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