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After thirty years of estrangement, a fractured family reunites at the funeral of a familiar friend. Old wounds resurface, secrets emerge, and they must navigate their tangled relationships. A family member discovers an ancient photograph hidden away in the attic. The image reveals a long-buried family secret, setting off a chain of events that forces them to confront their past and redefine their bonds.  A family adopts a stray cat, but this seemingly simple act leads to unexpected lessons about love, unity, and acceptance. The cat becomes a symbol of healing and connection for each family member. When their war hero father returns home, the family eagerly awaits his arrival. However, they soon realize that the man who stepped off the battlefield is not the same person they remember. His struggles with trauma and reintegration strain their relationships. Told from a middle school girl’s perspective, this story delves into the emotional turmoil caused by her parents’ divorce. She grapples with loyalty, blame, and the shifting dynamics within her family. A popular high school girl and a nerdy classmate accidentally switch lives for a week. As they experience each other’s worlds, they discover that neither existence is as glamorous or dull as they once believed. The main character uncovers a dark secret about the school’s popular kid, leading to a web of consequences that affect both families. Betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption play out against the backdrop of teenage drama.  A young teacher stumbles upon a deep secret about the school’s principal. As she grapples with whether to expose the truth, she becomes entangled in a web of professional and personal conflicts.

The Family Tie

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