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A young martial artist discovers a hidden dojo in the mountains, where they must train under a mysterious and reclusive master to unlock their full potential.
In a world where martial arts determine social status, a lower-class fighter challenges the corrupt martial arts council to bring equality to the society.
An aging martial arts champion is forced out of retirement to protect their village from an invading warlord, only to discover that their biggest enemy may be their own inner demons.
 A group of martial artists from diverse backgrounds must come together to compete in a high-stakes tournament but soon realize that the tournament is just a cover for a larger conspiracy.
 A disgraced martial arts master seeks redemption by training a group of misfit students to compete in the ultimate martial arts competition.
Two rival martial arts schools in a small town must put aside their differences to defend their home from a common enemy who seeks to destroy them both.
 A martial arts prodigy with a dark past must confront their inner demons as they face off against a legendary opponent in a winner-takes-all showdown.
 In a futuristic world where martial arts have been outlawed, a group of underground fighters must evade capture while uncovering the truth behind the government's oppressive laws.
A martial artist with a secret power that enhances their fighting abilities must navigate a treacherous world of betrayal and deception to unlock the true potential of their gift.
When a powerful martial arts artifact is stolen, a young apprentice must embark on a perilous journey to retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands and unleashes untold chaos upon the world.

The Hidden Dojo

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