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An ex-vietnam veteren, a chronic alcaholic,a master Bluesman, who "Grifts" from town to town in places famous for blues.
 While performing at a blues bar in Mississippi, the ex-Vietnam veteran encounters a young musician who reminds him of his fallen comrades, leading him to confront his past traumas and find healing through music.
 The chronic alcoholic hobo discovers a hidden talent for storytelling and becomes a local legend in New Orleans, captivating audiences with his tales of the road and blues music.
In Memphis, the master Bluesman grifts his way into a high-stakes poker game with the local crime boss, risking it all to win back his cherished guitar and prove his worth as a musician.
The hobo's journey takes him to Chicago, where he befriends a troubled teenager caught up in the world of gangs and drugs, using his blues wisdom to guide the young man towards a better path.
While busking on the streets of St. Louis, the ex-Vietnam veteran meets a mysterious woman who claims to hold the key to unlocking his true potential as a blues musician, forcing him to confront his deepest fears and desires.
The chronic alcoholic hobo stumbles upon a legendary blues club in New York City, where he must compete in a battle of the bands against rival musicians vying for fame and fortune.
The master Bluesman finds himself entangled in a love triangle with a sultry jazz singer and a rival guitarist in New Orleans, leading to a dramatic showdown on stage during a midnight blues jam session.
While hitchhiking through the Mississippi Delta, the ex-Vietnam veteran uncovers a long-lost recording of a legendary blues musician, sparking a quest to preserve the musician's legacy and honor his contributions to the genre.
 The chronic alcoholic hobo inadvertently becomes embroiled in a scheme to steal a priceless antique guitar from a wealthy collector in Kansas City, testing his loyalty to his fellow musicians and his own moral compass.
 The master Bluesman's travels bring him to a small town in Texas, where he must rally the local community to save a historic blues club from being demolished by developers, uniting old friends and new allies in a final epic battle for the soul of the blues.

The Hobo

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