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A powerful mafia boss must navigate through betrayals, family drama, and a turf war to maintain control of his criminal empire.
A young up-and-coming mobster seeks to make a name for himself in the underground world of organized crime, but soon finds himself in over his head.
 A former hitman tries to leave his criminal past behind and start a new life, but is forced back into the world of crime when his family is threatened.
A group of rival gangsters must set aside their differences and work together to take down a common enemy who threatens to destroy them all.
In the dark underbelly of a city, a detective goes undercover to infiltrate a notorious crime syndicate, but risks losing himself in the process.
Two childhood friends rise through the ranks of a powerful crime family, only to find themselves on opposite sides of a deadly conflict that threatens to tear them apart.
A street-smart hustler embarks on a dangerous quest for vengeance after his mentor is betrayed and killed by a rival gangster.
 A female mob boss fights to establish her power and respect in a male-dominated world of organized crime, facing treachery and challenges at every turn.
A small-time crook stumbles upon a valuable secret that puts him in the crosshairs of multiple criminal organizations vying for control of the lucrative information.
A legendary mobster returns from retirement to settle old scores and reclaim his rightful place as the most feared and respected figure in the criminal underworld.

Underworld Rising

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